Are you looking for a boost on your spiritual path?

It's Not Your Imagination. You're Ready for a Shift.

Get monthly packets of energetic support to move you to your highest self.

Receive Regular Energetic Support for Your Rapidly Evolving Life.

Shift provides a monthly remote group container of energetic support to help you stay on track with your personal healing, spiritual connection, and energetic alignment. When you're on a spiritual path, traditional counseling and coaching may not be enough to get you to the next level of your life. Shift activates your own intuition, unblocks your energy, and empowers you with mystical and practical insights that move your life forward.

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Is Shift for You?

You love group meditation and energy healing but don't have the time for regular appointments.

Finding time for self-care and spiritual growth can be difficult. You're busy, we get it. You have a job, you have a family, and you have commitments. You know that your healing and personal development are important to you. You need something that can fit into your schedule.

Shift delivers a monthly channeled group message right to your email inbox. This message is filled with healing energy and guidance for you to work with at your own pace. Find your balance, and stay on track with your spiritual growth while also saving time and energy.

You're a coach, healer, counselor, or spiritual entrepreneur who wants to serve at the highest level.

The work that you do is a calling. It's not just a job. You're trying to create a powerful, life-changing experience for your clients. It's tough to stay on top of your game without getting drained and depleted.

Shift provides you with energetic support to help you stay clear and effective. You get a monthly care package of channeled guidance to activate your intuition, unblock your energy, and empower you with mystical insights on how to use your energy effectively.

Take a break and recharge your life and business on a regular basis.

You wish you had an intuitive guide by your side to steer you to your highest good.

You often have questions and don't know where to turn for answers. Although you're pretty intuitive yourself, you've been feeling that something else is required to take your life to the next level.

Shift delivers monthly channeled guidance and energy healing that helps you tune into yourself and feel your own spiritual connection. The more you work with the energy provided in Shift the stronger your abilities become.

You can be your own best psychic when you work with energy regularly!

Shift Snippet

How it Works

Get a Packet of Healing Energy and Intuitive Guidance in Your Email Every Month.


Your shift care package is formed from the connection that I make with the collective energy signature of the group, the group of guides and non-physical healers that each person brings with them, source energy, Divine love, and collective information from the spiritual realm.

Expect your Shift package in your email inbox during the first week of the month. Listen to the audio at your leisure. Work with the tools and guidance that resonate most strongly with you.

Use the messages to guide your own intuition and inner work. Integrate the support you receive into your current spiritual and energetic practices. Watch your life unfold with greater depth, ease, and clarity.

Each Shift Package Includes

A Intuitive Message Especially for the Group

An Inspired Tool to Enhance Your Personal Work

Special Pricing on Private Sessions and Masterclasses

Listen to the audio message at the time that's right for you. Feel supported and inspired by energetic spiritual guidance from your guide team and high level healing energies.

Get a tangible tool to help you integrate and use the energy transmissions to make your personal shifts. Tools may be things such as a piece of art, or a transformational worksheet.

As you shift you may need private guidance about your personal next steps. Get a price break for Human Design guidance, intuitive coaching and masterclasses offered to the public.

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Your Guide and Channel

Sandy R Freschi

Sandy has been an energy healer since the early days of her previous massage career. In 1996, a group of healing guides came into her life when a new client walked into her treatment room. The client became a significant mentor for Sandy and her guides became her teachers.

After Sandy's mentor passed, the guides with whom she worked stayed on. Through the years the team has grown and become more prominent as Sandy studied many healing and intuitive modalities. They prompted her to work with them on her own healing and development and to create programs to support her clients who are budding mystics working undercover in regular human lives.

Sandy is officially trained in many techniques to channel through guidance and healing. She currently uses her direct connection with the akashic records and her expertise in Human Design to guide her sessions and intuitive perception.


"Sandy is an AMAZING and open-hearted vessel. She articulates in a light-hearted and down-to-earth manner, and her devotion to assisting and supporting others is very apparent. I felt comforted and seen during a really challenging time in my life, and she remained completely present throughout our session.

I'm in awe ... the way she delivered ... was both meaningful and practical."

Judith S.

I was just thinking about how you have helped me so much to cross the "bridge" to where I am now, and I just want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

You are so gifted; so grateful for your combination of human design and akashic records.

Ericka S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by group guidance?

The people who sign up to participate in Shift, create a group consciousness that can then be read, interpreted, and guided. There's power in group focus and intention, even when it's done remotely. The energy of each member of the group enhances the experience for all others.

Do I have to attend any live meetings to participate in Shift?

No. There are no Zoom meetings to attend or scheduled appointments to keep. The work you do is done at your own pace. You make time in your own schedule to listen to the recording and to work with the guidance for the month. You can, however, purchase a specially priced private one-to-one session whenever you need some extra guidance.

Is there any community support?

Community participation may become available after the beta phase is complete. It depends on the feedback from the group. If done so, it will be in a format that is "introvert friendly", meaning brief communication, off of social media, and done at your leisure in alignment with your inspiration.

What do I do if I need extra support?

You'll get information about the optional private sessions with each monthly package that you receive. There will be options for live and recorded sessions, along with information about how to order/schedule, and what types of guidance you can receive. Simply follow the directions for purchasing and scheduling. All private sessions are specially priced at below the published rate on my website. The special pricing is a perk of being a member of Shift.

Do you have more questions?

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